Children's teeth treatment

All parents want their children to have healthy and beautiful teeth. But often too little attention is paid to dental care. Care is taken when the teeth start to ache, the child does not fall asleep at night or is irritated. The cause of the pain is tooth decay, which initially damages the tooth enamel, dentin and then the nerve inside the tooth. If the tooth is left untreated, the inflammation spreads deeper, reaching the roots of the teeth, the surrounding tissue (periodontal tissue), and the bone.

When going to a dentist with a toothache, the first, usually unpleasant, experience is long lasting. Damaged teeth have to be drilled and sealed, and sometimes even eradicated, to prevent the spread of infection from hurting. However, prematurely removed teeth can impair chewing function, aesthetic appearance or even cause bite abnormalities. Therefore, the most important thing is to constantly monitor the baby's teeth and jaw formation, help him to clean his teeth properly and cleanly. Parents are advised to control the quality and skill of a child’s teeth cleaning up to 12 years. Timely detection and treatment of dental diseases will prevent many problems in the future.