Root canal healing

In dental practice, patients often need to undergo tooth root canal healing.

Danties šaknų kanalų pergydymas – procedūra, kurios metu yra iš naujo išvalomi ir užplombuojami danties šaknų kanalai.

 Procedure of root canal healing procedure:

The healing procedure is started by isolating the treated tooth with a coferdam system. First, an enodontic cavity is formed to easily remove old sealant material from the canals. When healing teeth, it is recommended to remove the crown before the procedure to avoid treatment complications (such as root canal perforations). to the root canal.

Using a microscope magnifier, old tooth material is removed from the root canals. In order to perform the procedure qualitatively, after removal of the filling material, additional channels are searched for by microscopy, and the anatomy of the tooth is evaluated.

Once all channel accesses are found, the channels are cleaned and sealed. The tooth is restored with a temporary seal.

After the patient undergoes tooth root canal healing and restoration of the dental crown, the selected restoration preserves the natural tooth that performs the chewing function. Prosthetic dentistry is recommended for endodontically treated teeth, as these restorations not only restore the chewing function, but also ensure firmness.